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2021 newest ems muscle building fat burn machine

EMS muscle building machine designed for aesthetic purpose, having 2(two) workiing heads with higher intensity.  It's cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring, as it not only build muscle but also burn fat.
Main Features
Product Details
Main Features
EMS muscle building machine is the medical technology that is used in aesthetic medicine. It uses a focused electromagnetic field with a safe intensity level.
Electromagnetic field passes non-invasively through the body and interacts with motor neurons which subsequently trigger supramaximal muscle contractions.
Non-invasive medical technology that is used for strengthening and re-education of muscles via interaction of the magnetic field with the tissue of the patient.
EMS muscle building fat burn machine can achieve high-intensity muscle contraction, increase muscle volume and muscle fiber density at the same time, achieve muscle gain, and produce clearer muscle lines.
Product Details
8-inch color touch screen, Daul mode- easy to operate,
English and Spanish are set by default, and multiple languages can be set.
Working head
Two working heads are placed on the target muscle area,such as your abs, thighs, or buttocks. The work head generates high intensity electromagnetic, which is a cutting edge technol only in non-invasive body contouring, as it not only burns fat but also builds muscle.
After one course of treatment, it can effectively increase 16% muscle and reduce 19% fat.
One to two months after treatment, patients' average abdominal muscle thickness increased by 15 -16%.
Builds muscle & Burns fat Together!
Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
Suitable for everyone - No anesthesia - No surgery
Only a 30-minute walk in walk out procedure
Only 4 session needed 2-3 days apart
Feels like an intensive workout,Safe with No downtime
Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks
Power Power Input AC220~230V 50/60Hz
  Maximum Power Consumption 1.5kVA
Magnetic Stimulation Magnetic induction amplitude(Intensity) 0~7 Tesla
  Shape of stimulation pulse High Intensity Focused
  Pulse duration 300 µs
Dimension Size (height x width x depth) 470 x 460 x 59(mm)
  Weight 40kg
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