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10 in 1 professional oxygen facial machine for sale

10 in1 oxygen facial machine, the design, and current fully complies with European electrical safety standards, absolutely safe to the human body. One machine,10 big functions, can open different projects according to the customer's skin condition, which covers functions of skin whitening, rejuvenation, skin cleaning, moisturizing.
Main Features
Product Details
Main Features
High purity oxygen mask:
1. Blue light wavelength: 470nm Improve acne, repair skin.
2. Red wavelength :630nm, promote cllagen formation, increase elasticity, Prevent oxidation.
3. It's can listening the music enjoying the treatment process.
Oxygen injector:
1.Through the high pressure inject oxygen, activating the activity of skin cells.
2. Anti aging, whitening.
3. Acne removal, improve sensitive skin.
4. Cured dark cycles.
Oxygen spray gun:
1. Let the skin absorb better inject oxygen and hydrate,activate cells, skin nutrients supply.
2. Skin rejuvenation.
3. Removal facial blemish.
4. Skin moisturizing.
hydra dermabrasion:
1. Tighten skin, shrink pores.
2. Deeply clean dirts, remove thickcutin, wrinkles, acnes, and scars.
3. Increase circulation of blood, lymphatic system.
4. promote the absorption of nupritional ingredients.
5. Rejuvenate and whiten skin.
Product Details
10.2-inch Color multimedia touch screen, easy to operate.
Generate 98% pure oxygen automatically.
Other oxygen facial machine wrok heads.
Customizable oxygen facial machine chassis color.
Voltage 220V/50Hz  110V/60Hz
Power <450W
Oxygen purity 98%
Supersonic frequency 1MHz
Wavelength 330-990nm
RF frequency 5MHz,75Khz
dermabraison tips diamond 9 pcs,water 8 pcs
Gross Weight 75kg
Screen 10.2 inchs Color multimedia touch screen
Packing Size 143*82*43cm
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