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Best seller fat loss vacuum roller vela body shape rf slimming machine

Vela body shape is a non-invasive body shaping treatment used to reduce cellulite, as well as slim the area around the stomach, hips, and thighs.
The machine combines four different technologies infrared light + bi-polar radio frequency+vacuum+laser+ massage rollers to improve skin texture and reduce overall volume of the treated area.
You have the option to undergo one longer treatment session or three shorter ones.
Main Features
Product Details
Main Features
New generation vacuum roller body shape machine is the popular technology on market, with the mechanical movement combining with RF and Infrared, it can penetrate the skin depth of 15mm, so it is more than to reduce the deeper fat, but also effective to tighten and firm the skin,especially for the orange cellulite on thighs.
1. Combined with bi-polar RF and infrared, Blue and Green energy; the vacuum suction coordinated with mechanical outer automatic rollers;
2. The RF and Red, Blue and Green light therapy generate heat, increasing the oxygen content of skin cells.
Mechanical Manipulation (Vacuum +/- Massage mechanism)
- Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
- Facilitates fibroblast activity
- Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters
- Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients
- Enables heating at different depths
- Vacuum roller message
Heating (infrared + radio frequency energies)
- Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen dissociation from oxyhemoglobin
- Facilitates fibroblast activity
- Increases metabolism of fat cells
- Improves skin texture
- Fat melting
- RF vacuum fat liposuction
Product Details
1.The screen of vela body shape machine
8-inch color touch screen, easy to operate.
The working heads of vela body shape machine
Combine vacuum, bipolar f and infrared light. Used for small areas: flanks, valves,arms and to reinforce the results of the shape applicator.
2.●VAC+RF+ Roller+IR
Combine vacuum, bipolar rf, mechanism roller and infrared light. Used for large areas: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, etc.
The color of vela body shape machine, grey and blue.
Name Velas body hape Slimming Machine
Voltage 110V/220V
Applicators Large+Medium
Large Applicator
Vacuum Pressure 0~95kpa
RF Frequency 5M
Roller Speed 70rpm
Medium Applicator
Vacuum Pressure 0~80kpa
RF Frequency 5M
Roller Speed 70rpm
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