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NEWEST Intelect Puls 50 Physiotherapy Shockwave and ultrasound therapy machine for pain

Function:  Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Pain Relief
Model: Intelect puls 50
Brand Name: Honkay
Delivery Method: By Air, By DHL/TNT/Fedex/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
OEM ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense
Suitable for: Beauty salon, Beauty center, Clinic, health center, Commercial,etc ...
Delivery Time: 3~7 working Days
Product description
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Product description
Honkay NEWEST Unique Combination High Power 10Bar Pneumatic ShockWave and ultrasound Physio Therapy for Pain Relief Machine
Doctors and therapists have used ultra-deep vibration technology for over half a century to treat muscle strains and ligament sprains. Ultra vibration provides deep heating to soft tissue, increases blood circulation, promotes tissue healing, and decreases pain.

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INTELECT PULS 50 allowing medical professionals to fine-tune treatment. It also provides treatment parameter references and symptom explanations for specific body parts.
Direct and effective treatment for patients integrated handpiece with all controls energy range starting at 0.5 bar offers ultrasonic and shock wave therapy with 13 available work heads (basic, spinal, fascia) optional operation through a 12.1" touch screen.
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Pneumatic Shockwave For Chronic Pain
The INTELLECT PULS 50 is characterized by its compact size, high reliability, low maintenance costs,
and user-friendly experience. The ultrasound therapy complements the shock wave therapy.
Shock wave therapy uses high-energy shock waves to treat diseases and injuries.
Due to its higher energy output and deeper sound wave penetration,
shockwave therapy can be effective for breaking up any calcifications or
scar tissue that may be contributing to pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis,
tennis elbow, rotator cuff, and other chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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The ultrasound therapy complements the shock wave therapy.
Unique ergonomic design integrates all essential control elements into the handpiece display screen, allowing uninterrupted and fast treatment directly on the patient.
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Ultra deep vibration can be used to treat a wide range of health problems .
but ,it's most commonly used to solve problems in muscle tissue .
It is an effective way to treat swelling of muscles ,koints ,and ligaments .
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