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New RF face lifting wrinkle removal machine with latest quantum vortex RF technology

The latest RF technology, add quantum technology, induces the wound healing reaction in the dermis through hyperthermia, promotes the continuous release of collagen from the dermal fibroblasts, promotes the continuous synthesis of new collagen, makes it more closely arranged, and the damaged collagen layer is replenished to awaken the skin elasticity and lasting. The purpose of firming the skin. At the same time, the use of its deep focused high heat is aimed at improving fat granules.

For this newest quantum vortex RF machine, with 3 different size handle, that small, middle and big, for eyes, face wrinkle removal, skin lift, skin tighten, also have a big handle for the body, can use for body skin lift, also better used for Cellulite, also have LED light, that with better effect.

Compared with ordinary RF machines, due to the addition of quantum vortex technology, it is more convenient and safer to use, and will not worry about slow movement and hot customers during operation.

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