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Advantages of new professional hair removal machine

2023 New 808 Semiconductor Laser Ice Point Hair Removal Device
The new 808 semiconductor laser ice point hair removal device combines the latest technology to offer a faster, more comfortable, and highly effective hair removal experience. With its advanced features such as the 808 laser emitter, high-power handle, imported coherent laser, and short pulse width, this device ensures swift, comfortable, and efficient hair removal. The imported coherent laser guarantees a lifespan of up to 10 million uses, reducing treatment costs. Additionally, the German-imported corrugated tube provides excellent flexibility, durability, and resistance to aging and deformation.
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The 808 imported coherent laser treatment handle boasts an extraordinary lifespan exceeding 10 million uses. Its high power delivers supercharged energy in a short time, ensuring remarkable therapeutic effects. The sapphire cooling tip maintains a constant temperature of 4℃, providing a superior level of comfort during treatments.
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Key Advantages of this professional hair removal machine:
Unparalleled Comfort: The unique dynamic temperature control system keeps the treatment head at a constant 4℃, ensuring maximum comfort during hair removal sessions.
Superb Speed: The device offers a maximum output frequency of 10Hz, along with a large 12x10mm square-shaped treatment spot, enabling rapid hair removal over a wide area.
Exceptional Hair Removal: With the 808nm laser, minimal absorption occurs in normal skin tissue, allowing the energy to target hair follicles effectively. This destroys hair follicle stem cells thoroughly, resulting in permanent hair removal.

Intelligent Monitoring of Water Flow and Temperature:
The machine is equipped with intelligent monitoring systems for water flow and temperature. In the event of any abnormalities during operation, the screen will automatically alert the
user, ensuring that the machine remains undamaged and providing accurate feedback on machine malfunctions. Our after-sales service ensures accuracy and convenience.

User-Friendly Operating System:
The device features a user-friendly and intelligent interface that simplifies operation. By selecting your gender and skin color, the system will automatically generate recommended treatment parameters.

Quality Assurance and Stable Performance:
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With its dual-layer filter, this device provides superior filtration, improving system lifespan and performance.

Experience the cutting-edge technology and superior performance of the 2023 New 808 Diode Laser Ice Point Hair Removal Machine. Say goodbye to unwanted hair, enjoy a comfortable treatment experience, and revel in long-lasting results.
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