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New product 2021 hydra dermabrasion RF Plasma skin lifting machine

8 in 1 hydradermabrasion plasma skin lift beauty machine

1. The first step is to clean.
After turning on the instrument, press the left and right buttons to select the required work handle,
When the working handle of the water dermabrasion is in the middle, click to select and enter,
This is the water dermabrasion handle. ABC is for the three solution bottles on the side. Toners with different functions are put according to the needs, such as whitening and moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and calming.
Equipped with 8 hydra dermabrasion heads, ordinary heads, diamond dermabrasion heads, and silicone heads, which can be selected according to needs.
Before the operation, adjust the vacuum pressure and water flow on your hand. The left side is to adjust the water flow, and the right is to adjust the vacuum pressure.
You can select the start button on the interface, or you can press the button on the handle to start.
When performing facial treatments, press lightly without too much suction. From bottom to top, return to the point after the operation.

2. In the nanospray, in the middle position, long-press the button of the working handle to enter the interface. When the nanospray is used, the eyes, nose, and mouth of the customer are covered with the hand.

3. Ion Meso, long press to enter the interface.
The drop pattern represents the water flow,ABC means different modes,
Continuous mode, intermittent mode, and longer intermittent mode.
Adjust the microcurrent on the right,According to customer acceptance,recommended to start from 1.

4.Choose plasma,long press to enter the interface,select mode and adjust energy,
Starting from the jaw line, do not completely touch the skin, otherwise, the energy will not be released.

5.This is Face ultrasound handle,select mode and adjust energy,Starting from the jawline, in a circular method, from bottom to top.

6.This is Eye ultrasound handle, the same interface as face ultrasound, select mode and adjust energy,the energy recommendations start from 4.
Start slowly from the inner corner of the eye in a circular motion, and lift it up to the outer corner of the eye.
Back and forth from the inner corner of the eye,to the temple,Upper eyelid lifted up,each action 3-5 times.

7. Face Radiofrequency, ABC means mode,energy on the right,recommend from 1.
Starting from the jaw line, pull back and forth, or make a circular motion.

8. Finally use Ion clamp the mask,ABC is current mode,the energy is adjusted according to customers.

9.After the operation, clean the handle with saline and disinfect with alcohol.

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