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FAQ of 6D cold laser slim machine

Today we will talking about the FAQ of our new 6d cold laser slim machine.
Newly 6D laser for body contour
Q: Suitable crowd:
A: Most people who want to lose weight want to reduce the size of their hips, waist, and thighs. It is also ideal for people who want to start a new diet and fitness regimen.

Q: Will 6D laser weight loss rebound?
A: Once fat leaves your body, the only way for it to come back is through your mouth. Improper diet, intake of more calories than burned calories, will naturally lead to fat accumulation.

Q: Is cold laser therapy effective?
A: Yes, if you follow the recommended treatment plan and guidelines, the 6D laser is very effective.

Q: Can pregnancy be done?
A: It is recommended that you wait until the last visit to the doctor after delivery, usually six weeks after delivery. Not recommended for breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant, you cannot use it. There are no known harmful risks, but potential unknown risks may exist. For patients with diabetes or thyroid disease, metabolism may be impaired and the device may not be effective.

Q: How often can I do it?
A: The simple and relaxing treatment is very easy and relaxing, with no pain or recovery. The duration is 40-60 minutes, and 6 laser beams are irradiated on the most stubborn fat areas of the waist, hips, and thighs. 20 minutes on each side for a total of 40 minutes.
Why choose 6d laser
The additional 20 minutes may be added if additional stubborn areas are required. The 6 treatments we performed in two weeks usually resulted in an average loss of 4-6 inches. Based on your weight and body type, a personalized treatment plan will be tailored to you.

Technical parameter:
Power 300W
Wavelength 532nm(green light)
Energy Output 1-200mW
Screen 8 inch Touch Colour Screen
Treatment Area About 30mm*800mm
Rotation Speed Level 1-10(adjustable)
Fuse 5A
Cooling System Air cooled
Package Size 113cm*52cm*63cm

6d red green lipo laser machine
Tell me which color would you like?
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6d laser body shape machine
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6d laser body shape machine
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