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New Effective 2 in 1 EMS+RF skin tighten acne treatment ozone plasma pen machine

Function: Face eyelid lift, Skin tag & mole remover, Wrinkle removaldeep dermal remodeling ,muscle restoration
Model: HKS-P04
Brand Name: Honkay
Delivery Method: By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
OEM ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense
Suitable for: Beauty salon, hospitals, skin care centers,SPA,etc ...
Delivery Time: 3~7 Days

Product description
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Product description
Honaky ozone + plash 2 in 1 plasma machine for sovle different skin problem
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what is plasma beauty treatment-1
This machine composed of two handles (hand) and a variety of interchangeable accessory probes, one RFEMS handle stimulates muscle contraction, activates cells, helps muscle repair, promotes blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage, improves facial contour and skin tone, firms skin, and enables non-invasive facial lifting and anti-aging. It can be used to treat skin regeneration, remove skin bumps or warts, remove moles and wrinkles, it also helps repair stretch marks, repair pits and scars.

what is plasma technology

 2 in 1 plasma consists of spark plasma and ozone plasma.
And is available in 7 different probes:
Spark plasma (gold handle): facial lifting, firmness, freckle, wrinkles, crow’s feet treatment.
Ozone plasma ( white handle): Anti-inflammatory sterilization, soothing and itching, anabolic pigments, regulating oil secretion,oil control and cleansing, for allergic skin, acne, eczema, skin inflammation and other skin problems.

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