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Professional 3 handles ance scar wrinkle removal microneedle rf machine

Brand Name: Honkay
Functions: Face Lift, Stretch Marks Removal, Wrinkle Removal,  Acne Scar Removal, Cold hammer calms skin
Model: MR31
Delivery Method:  By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
Suitable for: Beauty salon, skin care centers, and For commercial
Delivery times: 3-7 days
Service: Provide OEM / ODM / Logo customization, and unique shapes. Professional training, product after-sales.

Product description
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Product description
Are you a beauty salon? distributor? or a trading company?
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Honkay factory provide OEM, ODM services, for more information,
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rf microneedling device price
rf microneedling device price 1
How does Honkay fractional RF microneedling machine work?
Fractional microneedling RF works by introducing radiofrequency technology to gently heat facial skin after micro-lesions are performed to help restore and resurface connective tissues. When it is heated to forty-two to forty-three degrees Celsius, collagen, which is the main structural protein in connective tissues, breaks down. Over the course of six-weeks, collagen that is broken down during a treatment reforms and connective tissues become much tighter and stronger. The face is lifted and volume is added to hallow areas.
microneedle radiofrequency device 2
microneedle radiofrequency device 3
Face treatment :
Non-surgical face lifting
Wrinkle reduction
Skin tightening
Skin rejuvenation (whitening )
Pore reduction
Ance scars
Body treatment :
Stretch marks
Before and After:
microneedling rf device 1
microneedling rf device 3
microneedling rf device 4
microneedle rf machine for sale 4
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