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Hot Sales 3 In 1 Infrared Pressotherapy Machine Ems Slimming Body Suit Pressotherapy drainage massage machine for sale

Product Name: 3-in-1 Pressotherapy Equipment
Gas displacement: 25L / min
Pressure: 0.025Mpa
Packing size: 55 * 45 * 28 CM (machine), 62 * 43 * 25 CM (suit and blanket together)
Volume Weight: 32KG
Current weight: 20kg
Temperature: 35 ~ 80 degree
Power: AC 220V ~ 240V (110V ~ 120V), 50HZ ~ 60HZ
product description
product description
3 In 1 Infrared Pressotherapy Equipment Ems Body Slimming  Suit cellulite treatment Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage machine for sale
pressotherapy machine
The pressotherapy lymphatic drainage detoxification slimming machine is known as the human body "scavenger", mainly within the circulatory system of the human body. The inner recycle includes the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic circulatory system, tissue fluid, etc. The air inflation by the airbag ties customers' abdomen, arms, legs lymphatic at inflated circulation to a certain period of time and deflated, prompting the circulatory system to speed up the cycle in the human body, in order to achieve detoxification slimming endocrine regulation.
pressotherapy treatment
This 3 in 1 pressotherapy apparatus was carefully designed according to human bionic research, which combines functions of cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, EMS of firm muscle in one, and using high-tech means to massage, do electrotherapy, and pressure therapy to get significant effect.
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Product Name 3 in 1 Pressotherapy machine
Gas displacement 25L / min
Pressure 0.025Mpa
Packing size 55 * 45 * 28 CM (machine)
62 * 43 * 25 CM (suit and blanket together)
Volume Weight 32KG
Actual weight 20kg
Temperature 35 ~ 80 degree
Power AC 220V ~ 240V (110V ~ 120V), 50HZ ~ 60HZ
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