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2 in 1 Health Gadgets Magneto Extracorporeal Transduction EMTT Therapy pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine

Function: EMTT for Health Gadgets, Rehabilitation, Pain relief
Model: PM-ST
Brand Name: Honkay
Delivery Method: By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
OEM ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense
Application: Beauty salon, hospitals, skin care centers,SPA,etc ...
Delivery Time: 3~7 Days
product description
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product description
2 in 1 Health Gadgets Physio Magneto Extracorporeal Transduction EMTT Therapy machine Combine red light 660nm for Pain Relief Osteoarthritis Tendinitis. physio therapy equipment
The PMST NEO  opens up new possibilities in regeneration and rehabilitation. The areas of application include diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint pain, sports injuries, muscle strain, fracture healing, etc PMST differs from general forms of magnetic field therapy or PEMF due to the high oscillation frequency, This property enables a high penetration depth and a large range of indications.

Non-invasive, ambulant therapy - no reported side effects.
Wide range of therapeutic applications.
comfortable and straightforward treatment.
Hands-free work for the user.
Applicator positioning by hand or with the flexible holding arm.
More therapeutic effects combined with NIRS therapy.
940nm / 640nm / 620nm wavelengths.
A treatment session lasts between 5 – 20 minutes depending on the indication.

For Better Physio Therapy Effects:
The PMST NEO features a unique applicator design. The ring-type electromagnetic coil applicator connects with the NIRS applicator by a special design connector. It is the only one of its kind in the world physiotherapy field, that can transduce magnetic pulse deep into body tissue, at the same time, near-infrared light focused on the same treatment area. The two technologies perfectly combine together for better therapeutic effects.
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Physiotherapy Magneto massage machine Therapy:
Magneto Therapy pulses a magnetic field into the body, creating an extraordinary healing effect. The results are less pain, reduction in swelling, and increased range of motion in the affected areas. Damaged cells are reenergized by boosting electrical charges within the cell that restore it to
its normal healthy state. Cellular metabolism increases, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved, and absorption of oxygen is increased by upwards of 200%. The immune system becomes healthier and the liver, kidneys, and colon are better able to eliminate waste and toxins
studies on the use of Magneto therapy? Over 2000 medical research studies have been published over the years in support of the effectiveness of electromagnetic fields in tissue repair. Electromagnetic stimulation has been used for decades by orthopedic surgeons for accelerating bone union. It is being used in plastic surgery for treating post-operative pain and swelling, and for graft survival. It is also seeing use in the field of sports medicine, with renowned football teams such as FC Porto and S.L Benfica to treat physical overload and various chronic pathologies among their players.
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Near-infrared spectroscopy Therapy
NIRS light therapy is a highly effective treatment for all-over wellness,
and for treating both acute injuries, chronic pain conditions as well as post-activity recovery.
There is no associated pain or reported side effects, and the technology is very safe with no health risks;
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Different between PM-ST and PEMF
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ST= super transduction. the frequency is 1000Hz-3000Hz

MT= magneto transduction . the frequency is 1Hz -100Hz
Treatment Case of physiotherapy machine for legs, shoulders, waist, knees.
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Specification of physiotherapy machine:

Product name pulse pemf machine
Near infrared


Technology EMTT Physical Magnetic combine CNIRS
Frequency 1000-3000Hz
Function back pain relief ,rehabilitation,sport injury recovery
Performance of the field 92T/S
Field Strength at 4cm distance 0.4T
Field strength at the coil 4T
Penetrate depth 18CM
Water cooling system Water 2.5L
Voltage 100 - 240V 50/60 HZ
Package Alu box and Carton box
Dimension 66*60*50 CM
Warranty 1 year for host machine, 6 months for spare parts
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
WhatsApp 86 13751821215
Inquiry hk6@huang-kai.com
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