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5 handles cryotherapy fat reduction body shaping machine

Fat reduction
Elimination cellulite
Body Shaping Slimming
Double Chin Treatment

Very popular vertical professional cryotherapy slimming machine for sale, with 5 different size working handles and each 4 work simultaneously, so this cryotherapy fat freezing device help you make more fast treamtment and make more profits for your aesthetic business.
Model: CRY10S
Main Features
Product Details
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Main Features
5 handles fat freezing body sculpting machine.
4 cryo handles can work at the same time.
Professional inner electronic structure to ensurestable working.
fat freezing equipment theory:
1.Through cooling technology, triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperature.
2.Fat cells premature aging and death.
3.Through the normal metabolic processes to decrease the fat layer and achieve the purpose of partially melting fat.
Advantege of cryotherapy beauty machine:
1.longer cooling pates. The maximum treatment area is over 40% of the cooling plate.
2.Effectively observe the treatment and protect the skin.
Real-time monitoring treatment head temperature,
3.Unique double chin treatment head.
Product Details
12 inch touch screen, easy operation.
English,Spanish,Russian and Turkish are set by default, and multiple languages can be set.
5 Different size handle for whole body use
Each 4 handles work simultaneously
2 people can operate at the same time, saving time and effort.
customer feel comfortable during treatment.
Four cryo handles can work at the same time.
Professionall inner electronic structure,to ensurestable working.
three colors optional.
Cooling System Water cooling + wind cooling + Semiconductor
4 pics filters ensure better water circulation and extend machine life. The effect varies from person to person.
Cryo Handle Number 5 working handles(Four handles can work
at the same time)
Handle sizes Large handle: treat area(25cm *12cm*8.2cm)   -- for belly, back, buttock etc.
Medium handle: treat area(20cm* 10cm*8.2cm)  -- for waist, thigh, etc
Small handle treat area(12cm *6cm*6.7cm)  --for- thigh, amm, crus etc.
Mini Cryo handle (7.5cmx3cmx6.8cm)  -- for Jaw or Chin small parts etc.
Screen 12 inch touch screen
Cooling Temperature 5 degree~ -16 degree
Vacuum Output Pressure 0-100Kpa
Cooling Liquid Pure water, with 14L pump
Cooling System Water cooling+wind cooling+ Semiconductor
Default working time 0-60 minutes
Machine Power 1600W
Weight 45KG(NW)/65KG(GW)
Package size 125cm*74cm*60cm
Voltage 220V/50Hz  or  110V/50Hz  or  110V/60Hz
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