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2 in 1 Velashape and Inner ball cellulite treatment body massage endosfera therapy endosfere massage machine

Technology: Velashape & Inner ball
 Cellulite Reduction, Lymphatic Drainage, face lifting
Model: HKS-19A
Brand Name: Honkay
Delivery Method: Express Door To Door
OEM/ODM: Screen Logo
Suitable for: Beauty Salon SPA, For Commercial
Product description
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Product description
2 in 1 Velashape & Inner ball machine
Velashape Endosfera therapy machine for sale
Velashape Endosfera therapy machine to buy
Velashape Endosfera therapy machine priceVelashape Endosfera therapy los angeles
Velashape Endosfera cellulite treatment
Velashape Endosfera therapy machine
Velashape Endosfera therapy machine
Velashape Endosfera therapy machine
Product name Velashape Roller Massage therapy machine
Technology Velashape & Roller massager
Input Voltage 100-240AC
Output power ≤100
Rated Current 3A
Motor DC 24V
Max Rotate Speed 550RPM
Operate 8 inch color touch screen
Handles Metal roller handle
POM roller handle
Cavitation handle
rf vacuum roller
Package size 116x65x64cm
WhatsAPP 0086 137 5182 1215
Inquiry hk6@huang-kai.com
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