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Questions about desktop hydrafacial machine

This is a comprehensive beauty and skin care equipment, desktop design, saving freight.
It includes hydra facial, Nanp spray, Plasma, Ion mesotherapy, Radio frequency for face, ultrasound for eyes, ultrasound for face, Ion clamp.
8 in 1 hydro facial machine
When the beauty salon uses the hydra facial machine, the problems that may be encountered.

Q1: 3 modes of Ion Mesotherapy.
Answer: A is continuous, B is intermittent, and C is also intermittent. The intermittent time is different. You can adjust the energy and try it. You will not feel it until he releases the product. When there is no product It doesn't feel very big. You can fill the bottle with water or products and then try again. If your skin is very dry, it won't work.
Q2: The temperature of hydrodermabrasion.
Answer:1 is 35 degrees, 2 is 40, and 3 is 45 degrees.
This temperature has nothing to do with microdermabrasion, this is mainly because the operation will not be cold in winter.
hydra facial Water temperature
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New OEM ODM 11 in 1 Hydra Facial Machine
OEM ODM 11 in 1 Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Machine
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