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OEM ODM 11 in 1 Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Machine

Honkay New Design Hydra Facial Machine 11 in 1.
The Technology include: Hydra dermabrasion, Diamond Dermabrasion, Tripolar rf, Bipolar rf, Plasma, Derma pen, BIO Photoelectric, High Frequency, Ems massage, Oxygen spray Gun.
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A hydra facial machine typically includes the following features:
1. Water system: The machine typically includes a water system that is used to clean the skin and remove impurities.
2. Vacuum suction: The machine uses vacuum suction to extract impurities from the skin, including dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.
3. Hydro peel tips: These tips are designed to exfoliate the skin gently and remove dead skin cells.
4. LED lights: The machine may also include LED lights, which can help to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production.
5. Serums and solutions: The hydra facial machine may also come with various serums and solutions, such as hyaluronic acid or antioxidants, that are used to nourish and hydrate the skin.
6. Adjustable settings: The machine typically has adjustable settings, such as suction strength and water flow rate, to customize the treatment for each individual's skin type and needs.
A hydra facial machine provides a comprehensive and customizable treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin for a brighter, smoother, and more radiant complexion.
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11 in 1 hydra facial machine functions:
1. Tripolar rf 

Radio frequency radio waves enter the deep part of the skin,and the internal naturalresistance movement causes the skin to heat up.The use of dermal collagen celluloseimmediately produces a contraction principle at 45-60C' which can smooth wrinkles,tighten the skin and delay skin aging.
2. Bipolar rf
Heats skin tissue to absorb large amounts of heat and then smooths it with new colla-gen Wrinkles, tighten skin, delay skin aging, dilute fine lines, remove dark circles.
3. Plasma
Ozone plasma. Anti-inflammatory sterilization, soothing and itching,metabolic pigment,regulating oil secretion · controlling oil and cleaning skin .Through the use of plasma canstimulate cell regeneration, so as to achieve anti-aging, enhancing skin absorption, an-ti-bacterial skin purification, effective whitening and brightening muscle, improving finelines,increasing skin elasticity, liting face contour , removing spots and other effects.
4. Diamond dermabrasion
Diamond dermabrasion work head can cover the dead skin cells and absorb it, andthe powerful water absorbent grinding head can completely purify the keratin.Effec-tively promotes blood flow to the skin and helps produce collagen.
5. Hydra facial
Deep cleansing vacuum adsorption,fundamentally clean without damaging the skin
6. Derma pen
The therapy utilizes the self-healing function of micro-wound wounds, thereby stimu-lating the skin and promotingCollagen hyperplasia increases the thickness of the skinepidermis by about 8%,and its effect Comparable to laser and filler plastic surgery.The side effects of microneedling are extremely high. Low, safe and reliable, is thebest anti-aging care therapy.
7. BIO Photoelectric
Bio photoelectricity enters cells, improves cell metabolism and circulation, and enhancesthe healing capacity of cell tissues while contracting and promoting the movement ofeach muscle. Update muscle length and spring. Fundamentally improve the skin.
8. Skin Scrubber
High-frequency vibration removes dead skin and blackheads to clean the face andtighten the skin. Can be used with gels, water emulsions, solutions, etc
9. High Frequency
High frequency generates high frequency current through the glass electrode tube, pro-motes blood circulation and promotes metabolism,Acne removal, skin care, hair care.
10. Ems massage
Vacuum for eye skin care.EMS technology:The stimulation of biological current willfrom the epidermis to the dermis, to stimulate the cells in dermis, to get more ATP,ATP is the key material for collagen synthesis. The increase of ATP will acceleratethe synthesis of collagen, to make facial lines more clearer to achieve the effect ofskin tightening, wrinkle removal , black eyes removal ,lifting eyes and smooth eyebags.( Use the difference in the rate of cell absorption of current to lighten the black,dim skin)
11. Oxygen spray Gun
Nano-oxygen lance(deep hydration) nanoparticles spray oxygen, water particles arefine, directly penetrate the muscle bottom,16 times the ordinary spray effect.
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