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Hot selling pressotherapy lymphatic drainage slimming machine

This is a new type of massage, detoxification, fat reduction, and weight loss machine. The lymphatic drainage massage will enhance blood circulation by gently applying unidirectional peristaltic pressure on peripheral veins. Blood circulation improved.

The machine has four working modes, which are suitable for different people. It stimulates the collagen strings in the deep layer of the skin, increases lymph flow, supports the metabolism of skin cells, reduces the effect of fat, reduces the volume of the massaged area, increases skin elasticity, and helps increase cavitation And the effect of the radiofrequency treatment can help reduce weight, fat loss, and weight loss.

One air pressure suit is equivalent to fifty massages, running 20 kilometers in the morning to get rid of deep-seated cold, dampness, and poison.Long-term persistence can achieve effective weight loss, and the weight loss effect is significant.

8-inch color touch screen, 4 operating languages, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English. It is also equipped with an eye care instrument to increase the eye massage function, allowing customers to truly achieve full body massage treatment, and experience better during the treatment process and relax the body and mind.

Our company is a beauty equipment manufacturer with 10 years of production in Guangzhou. It mainly produces various beauty equipment, such as slimming machines, multifunctional skincare equipment, vertical and portable hair removal equipment, etc., and also provides OEM and ODM. Product quality and after-sales service are very guaranteed. waiting for you to get more information.

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pressotherapy lymphatic drainage machine
pressotherapy lymphatic drainage machine
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