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2021 New infrared 24 air pressure pressotherapy 3 in 1 machine lymph drainage pressoterapia for whole body

pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
Our pressoterapia machine has 24 gas paths.
1. 24 air cells with 4 differnt massage mode to choose 
2. coat and pants can work by a persons or two persons
3. machine with eyes massager to massage and relax 
4. 4 languages : Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and English
5. 8 inch color touch screen

24 air pressure pressotherapy is our unique design,There are 24 air bags,16 on the coat,8 on the pants,full body massage.Four different modes to choose, suitable for different customer needs.
Wave rolling design for a more comfortable experience.Increase eye massage function, allowing customers to experience better during treatment and relax.
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
Pressotherapy Applications:
Plastic surgery - pre/post liposuction (edema reduction, recovery)
Aesthetic salons - cellulite treatments, adjunctive treatment for vacuum roller (vacuomobilization)   
Spa/home use - cellulite treatments, massage and relaxation.
  1. stimulates collagen strings in deeper levels of skin
  2. increases the lymphatic flow
  3. supports the metabolism of skin cells
  4. lowers the effects of cellulite
  5. reduces the volume of massaged parts
  6. increases the skin elasticity
  7. helps to increase the effects of cavitation and RF treatments
  8. helps to reduce weight if used periodically
Can treat two customers at the same time, one wearing the coat and one wearing the pants.
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
The differece between different pressotherapy machine is the air pump, the button screen or touch screen,the material of the clothes,
the air bags number and material, the pressoterapia mode,etc ,they all decide the price and quality
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
Unique appearance, can also be OEM or ODM according to customer needs.many clients add their logo on our machine welcome screen
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
Our pressotherapy machine 8-inch color touch screen, 4 operating languages, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English, unique design, rare in the market.
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
German air pump, low noise, more powerful, safer and longer working hours.Infrared and pressotherapy can work separately.
Infrared temperature can reach 60-75 degrees.
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
Three-layer zipper design for customers of different sizes.The clothes are made of nylon fabric, strong, dirt-resistant, easy to clean and breathable. The interior is made of PU material. It is soft, smooth, breathable and waterproof. 
It is more comfortable to wear.Imported TPU airbag, good environmental protection and sealing performance.
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
Clothes can be selected in different configurations, coat plus pants, bib pants, high waist pants, high waist pants plus sleeves, blue, green and pink.
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
We accept Western Union 、 TT bank transfer、trade assurance,this our transaction display
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
This is our Polish customer bought 10 units at a time
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine
We have many colors, lake blue, dark blue, pink, green, you can choose
pressotherapy pressoterapia machine

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pressotherapy pressoterapia machine

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pressotherapy pressoterapia machine

if you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to contact us.
pressotherapy lymphatic drainage machine
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