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Portable vacuum shockwave therapy ed machine for slimming

The vacuum shock wave is the exclusive use of a vacuum to accurately adsorb cellulite in the market. It can be transmitted through physical vibration, which can crush stubborn cellulite and make it thinner. It targets cellulite and effectively promotes metabolism. Excrete excess fat from the body to achieve the effect of fat reduction and weight loss. smoother.
shock wave therapy machine with Vacuum
Shockwave is very popular in the market. It breaks down stubborn fat and restores connective tissue; improves skin elasticity, promotes lymphatic drainage; promotes collagen production, and relieves stretch marks and scars. It can speed up bone healing and achieve the purpose of quickly relieving pain. It can also be used for ED treatment.
Electromagnetic Shock Wave machineVacuum shock waves therapy device
The machine has different operating requirements when operating in different parts. The operation is simple. First, apply oil to the separate treatment area, and then suck the fat into the handle, gently lift and hit each area 50-100 times. After hitting the area twice, shoot 3-5 rounds per point. The experience is good, and the evaluation is very high. 
shockwave therapy cellulite reduction
As a company that has worked in Alibaba for ten years, we can provide high-quality products and good after-sales service. After the customer received the machine, they took videos and pictures for us. You don't have to worry about the quality of the machine and how to operate it. We will provide simple and clear user instructions and operation instruction videos.

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