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Vela body Shape Vacuum Roller Cavitation RF Body Slimming Massage Machine

Our Vela body Shape Vacuum Roller Cavitation RF Body Spa Slimming Equipment Massage Machine employs four technologies include infrared, bipolar rf, vacuum, massage mechanism.
vacuum cavitation system
Vela body Shape treatments have been demonstrated in extensive clinical trials of more than 5 million treatments carried out on patients around the world.

Thus, after 4 sessions, a remarkable decrease of an average of 3-4 cm abdominal fat has been registered.

According to such trials, in two weeks after the first session, a decrease of the fat has been registered by 1.5 in the waist area, 1.7 cm in the abdominal area, and by 2 cm on the hips. In addition, throughout the trial, the patients did not complain about any side effects, and after treatment, they also achieved a major improvement in skin appearance.

Thus, from the efficiency point of view, it works with better results than cryo lipolysis.
Vela body Shape
Our client using effects:
Vacuum Roller Cavitation RF
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Roller massage RF vacuum cavitation body shaping machine
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vertical vacuum bipolar rf roller slimming machine
vacuum cavitation roler rf system
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