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Portable Physical Ultrasound shock wave therapy machine for planter Fasciitis ED

Pneumatic ballistic extracorporeal shockwave is powered by a compressor. Comparing with the electromagnetic shock waves,  Pneumatic ballistic extracorporeal shockwave performs better with faster speed and higher energy.
Ultrasound shock wave therapy
It Combines two physiotherapy technology in one system:
1. Brand new design with patent.
2. 10.4 inch LCD touch screen.
3. Newly designed software.
4. 3 types of ESWT tips are available: flat, focus, and radial.
5. 12 ESWT tips of 6 different sizes for different treatment parts.
6. Powerful shock energy up to 6 Bar with faster shock speed up to 21Hz.
7. High-frequency ultrasound for better physiotherapy.
8. Can be also used for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment.
Physical shock wave
acoustic wave therapy machine for erectile dysfunction
Air pressure Shockwave And Ultrasound Wave:
1. Pneumatic ballistic shock wave instrument is compressor generated pulse sound waves into precise ballistic, compare with the electromagnetic shock wave, more energy generated max to 6 bar. And also impact faster, configuration higher and more expensive.
2. The ultrasound waves are generated by a piezoelectric effect caused by the vibration of crystals within the head of the probe. The ultrasound waves that pass through the skin cause a vibration of the local soft tissues.

Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Handpieces:

ultra shock is equipped with a lightweight, hand-held applicator that can be fitted with 12 shock transmitter tips, depending on the area and size of the tissue to be treated.

Application energy: 1-6 Bar
Shock frequency: 1-21 Hz / PPS (pulses per second)
Therapeutic penetration depth depending on transmitter tip: 0 – 60 mm
12 pcs, 3 types, 5 sizes of treatment tips for different parts and functions
D25mm tip for prostate, D6mm and D15mm tips for penis
Trigger On/Off button on applicator handpiece
Shock wave generation: pneumatic ballistic, radial extracorporeal shock wave
Bullet lifetime up to 3 million shocks
shock wave therapy for ED
Ultrasound  Handpieces:

Assisted by a newly-designed Ultrasound handpiece, to help your patients achieve much better results.

Ultrasound frequency: 1-3 MHz
Ultrasound energy level: 1-20
Ultrasound working mode: P1-P5
acoustic wave machine for ed
There are types of shock wave therapy device you can choose,
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shockwave therapy for sale
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