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Body shape vacuum roller rf infrared slimming machine

This Body shape slimming machine is very popular in the market because of its unique appearance. It is very popular in beauty salons and spas. Customer reviews are very good. The main role is to tighten and improve. While lifting the face, it can be used to lose weight, remove excess fat, and shape the perfect body.  
vela body shape machine
The vela body shape machine adopts advanced technology to achieve a perfect combination of cavitation + vacuum + roller + radiofrequency + infrared + LED 6 in 1 technology. 5MHZ radiofrequency lifting and wrinkle removal effect is obvious. The safe and effective, non-invasive and painless, safe and effective, intelligent setting, convenient operation.
vacuum roller rf infrared slimming machineBody scultping vacuum roller massage machine
The vacuum roller rf machine is equipped with different handles, which can act on the body and face respectively. There are 4 different handles for whole-body treatment. Each handle is controlled separately, which is more convenient to operate. The radio frequency handle has three different treatment heads. The rollers move in four directions: in and out, Left and right, the effect is excellent.
Body shape vacuum roller rf infrared slimming machine
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