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Portable new design vacuum RF roller velashape body slimming machine

Vacuum rf roller velashape body shaping skin lifting machine

Portable vacuum RF roller velashape machine with body handle, arm and leg handle,
face handle, cavitation handle, and tip for eyes, different speed,
and different roller direction can offer different Experience.

Vacuum roller RF velashape machine with 40khz cavitation For deep fat, big vacuum roller for the body,
middle vacuum RF handles for arm and legs, small vacuum RF for face, and small vacuum RF tip for eyes,
all with 80kpa vacuum and 5mhz RF, better effective after treatment.

New design portable vacuum roller RF velashape machine is from Guangzhou Huang kai,
a 10 years beauty device manufacturer that factory in Guangzhou, main for all kinds of
beauty device like emsculpt, HIFU, cryolipolysis, not only have machine for fat reduce,
also can for wrinkle removal, skin lift, skin tighten and so on.

As a professional beauty device manufacturer, no matter vacuum roller RF velashape machine or other machines,
all with a professional team to R&D and sales, You will find that it is easy to chat with us to buy,
waiting for you to get more information.

if you have any questions about our products please do not hesitate to contact us.
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