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2021 vortex RF facial lifting and body slimming machine

The quantum RF temperature tester uses high-frequency energy slow-release technology to achieve heat from a distance, layering, and tilting, and tightening the skin layer by heating to achieve skin heating. It stimulates the regeneration of dermal elastic collagen, establishes new elastic fibers, tightens the fascia layer, comprehensively counters the production of loose fat.
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Our vortex RF machine is portable, it helps you save shipping costs. It has three handles, the big one is for the body, the middle one is for the face, and the small one is for the eyes. It helps relax and smoot the skin, reshape the body lines and remove wrinkles. Our machine has 8 inches touch screen, which helps customers easier to operate. For our vertex rf machine, we can add a logo on the screen for free.
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No need to cool the skin or use anesthetic agents---quantum radio frequency technology is equipped with advanced control algorithms, which can be treated more effectively without cooling the skin, requiring fewer treatment times to achieve satisfactory results.

There is no pain in the treatment process--the quantum radiofrequency can concentrate the energy on the treatment site. Compared with the previous RF technology, the effect of wrinkle/firming/dissolving/shaping can be achieved with less energy. Avoiding too high The pain and danger caused by energy.

Guangzhou Huangkai Technology Co., LTD., is a professional manufacture in China for more than 10 years, so we pay more attention to product quality and company reputation. We need a long-term cooperation with distributors and beauty salons. Beauty and health are our unremitting pursuits.
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