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Portable jet plasma eyelid lift plasma beauty machine

The machine is advanced in technology and uses a combination of plasma and ozone. The plasma generates heat through micro-current, which can shrink the sagging part as soon as possible, produce collagen, and regenerate the skin; the ozone pen electrolyzes oxygen in the air through high-frequency voltage. Ozone, which damages membrane components and destroys lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in membranes, changes cell lysis and death, thereby killing bacteria, fungi, and mites, and inhibits inflammation, and has a significant effect on acne.
plasma pen jett for eyelid lift
The two handles of the two-in-one plasma have different functions, and the main functions are remarkable. The main functions are facial lifting and firming freckle removal, and wrinkle removal; ozone plasma pen has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-itching, catabolizing pigments, regulating oil secretion, controlling oil and purifying skin The function can be used for allergic skin, acne, skin inflammation, and other skins.       
mole removal sweep spot plasma pen device for Beauty salon
jet plasma eyelid lift beauty machine
The use effect is obvious, for oily skin, 5-10 minutes each time, and obvious improvement can be seen after 15-25 days. It can effectively inhibit inflammation, brighten skin tone, increase skin elasticity, and clean pores. Intelligent operation of the machine, automatic mode, and manual mode can be selected, simple operation, safe and effective.
Portable jet plasma eyelid lift plasma beauty machine before after
Maintenance method: Plasma pen probe: Wipe and clean the probe with normal saline before and after operation; In order to ensure the output and efficacy of ozone, the probe must be cleaned with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide after each operation (to clean the discharge surface of the ozone sheet), and the surface adsorbents must be cleaned in time, which can prolong the service life and slow down the attenuation of ozone production.

Portable jet plasma eyelid lift plasma beauty machine
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