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Advantages of 7D HIFU skin lift skin tightening Machine

There is a new portable 7D hifu machine from Honkay, it is a very powerful skin tightening skin lifting and body shaping machine.

Follow is the advantage is this portable 7D HIFU face body lift machine:

1. 2 operating handle —— available for substitution.

2. 7 Cartridges for face lifting, wrinkle removal, and body slimming. There are more targeted treatments for the face and body, and the treatment effect is more perfect.

3.  Each cartridge with 20,000 shots, Can effectively reduce the treatment time for body parts.

4. 7d HIFU has 2 working modes continuous shoot and single shoot.

5. The ultrasonic technology of 7D HIFU acts on the deep SMAS Fascia to stimulate the regeneration, reorganization, and construction of collagen from the root to achieve the effect of lifting and firming.

6. 7D HIFU exclusive Unique ultra-thin probe Clessys patented technology, Faster launch, less pain, more uniform and precise energy emission.

7. 90% of spare parts of handles are origin imported from Germany, USA, and Japan, assure machine stable performance, amazing results and long time working.

8. 7d HIFU is a 2-7MHz high frequency, which is a very effective treatment.

9. Non-invasive treatment, no pain,  compared with injection plastic surgery, the effect is sure and there are no worries, normal work and study will not be affected after the treatment is completed.

10. The machine is smaller in size, saves freight, convenient to use, move and store.

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