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2 in 1 fractional RF microneedle Radio Frequency Microneedling rf machine with cool hammer Face Lift Wrinkles Stretch Marks Remover CE


2 in 1 fractional RF microneedle Radio Frequency Microneedling rf machine

Advantages of 2 in 1 fractional microneedle rf thermage machine

1. Combination of four technologies (microneedle + RF + Vacuum + Blue Photon)
2. Add a cool hammer, after micro-needling treatment, cool skin.
3. Gold-plated needles are durable with higher biocompatibility.
4. Vacuum makes the therapy more effective and comfortable.
5. Precise depth control system for each tip (0.2-3.5mm), much safer.
6. Flexible to use four different needle tips for different therapies (10pins/25pins/64pins/Nanoneedle).
7. Noninsulated needles ensure the RF energy penetrates deeper into the dermis.
8. Elaborate needle thickness and stepping motor, easier to insert into the skin.
9. Multifunction, can be used on the face and body combined with medicine.

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Fractional rf
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Fractional rf
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