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why do we love fractional rf machine

why do we love fractional rf machine? 

Today, let's talk about the trivial matter of becoming beautiful.
Will take you to see why fractional rf is so worth doing!
1.Who is suitable for fractional rf?
As long as the skin begins to show signs of aging, such as muscle relaxation, drooping eye corners, and deepening of nasolabial folds, you can do fractional rf. Therefore, it is suitable for age groups from 25 to 60 years old.
It is very broad and can help us to various degrees.

The principle of fractional rf machine:
Using CRF radio frequency technology, high-energy radio waves are transmitted to the dermis layer, causing the temperature of the local skin to rise rapidly.

The treatment head specially designed for eyelid treatment, the heating depth is accurately controlled at 1.1mm, and the accurate grid is used for the fixed-point application, which can ensure uniform heating of the eyelids, prevent local overheating, and ensure the safety of the treatment. The effective effect of heat on the fiber layer of the dermis.

Really make the fibrous layer achieve a thermal effect, and make the collagen tissue undergo an immediate contraction effect when heated, and the skin is instantly tightened.

The main function:
Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, lifting, firming.

Treatment site:
1. Facial anti-aging and wrinkle removal: deep wrinkles, wrinkles, forehead lines, nasolabial fold lift, lip wrinkles, brow wrinkles, etc.;
2. Neck wrinkle removal: tighten the neck skin, eliminate a double chin, thin face;
3. Eye wrinkles: wrinkles around the eyes, crow's feet at the corners of the eyes, bags under the eyes, tightening of loose skin around the eyes;
4. Whole-body anti-aging: back tightening and repairing, chest adjustment, waist and abdomen shaping, buttocks shaping, leg shaping, butterfly sleeve removal, repairing mild stretch marks.

Operation process:
STEP1: Clean the face.
Professional and in-depth cleaning, sweeping the thick stratum corneum and dust bacteria on the skin surface to ensure that fractional rf can contact the skin well.

STEP2: Apply epidermal sesame cream.
About half an hour to about 40 minutes.

STEP3: Paste grid stickers and apply the cold gel.
Remax therapy's unique beat positioning technology. Through the grid positioning technology, the treatment site can be accurately positioned, with accurate results and natural symmetry. After finishing the grid, apply a heat-insulating cold gel to complete the preparations.

STEP4: Feel warm, fractional rf radiofrequency heat can stimulate collagen and gradually tighten the skin.
During the process, it feels that the skin will gradually become hot, and the collagen will shrink and be activated under the stimulation of the heat so that the new collagen will be continuously regenerated.
Customer needs fractional rf
Non-invasive, non-surgical treatment gold standard
One treatment The effect can be achieved in one treatment and only takes 20~40 minutes
No downtime It is called lunch break beauty. You can return to normal work and life when you are done.
Natural and subtle changes The fractional rf effect can be achieved after treatment. The more significant effect is in 3-6 months, and the process is gradual. Unnatural changes in non-surgical procedures.
Longer effect Collagen regeneration requires only one treatment to maintain the effect for many years.
Case of fractional rf machine:

Frequently Asked Questions about fractional rf microneedle machine
1. Does fractional rf hurt?
Anesthetics will be applied before the treatment. As the treatment is superimposed, there will be some pain in the back, and some people feel it is not painful. There will be hot spots in the mandibular and cheekbones, which can basically be tolerated. You can also lower the energy level according to the situation. Within a certain range, the higher the energy, the better the effect.

2.How long can fractional rf machine treatment effect last?
The younger the skin is, the stronger the ability to stimulate renewal. Generally, it will last for 3 to 5 years. According to the age, the usual maintenance will be different. It is not necessary to take care of the hot Maggie. Maintenance, don't slack off.
3. When does the effect usually come out?
After the treatment, the collagen shrinks, and the skin tightening and lifting effect can be seen immediately after the treatment. It takes 3 to 6 months to regenerate collagen. Generally, the effect will be more obvious after 3 months of treatment.

4. What are the side effects of the fractional rf treatment?
The regular operation of the regular instrument generally has no side effects. Local erythema, edema, blisters, etc. may appear, and it will return to normal after about 1 week.

5. Is fractional rf skin lifting suitable for people over 35 years old?
no. It is not based on age to judge whether it is suitable for treatment but based on the indications of the skin. If the skin is already sagging at the age of 25, it is very suitable to do it. And the younger the skin, the stronger the ability to regenerate the skin, prevention is greater than the treatment, start your anti-aging earlier, you will be younger than your peers. Of course, the effect varies from person to person.

6. How often is the treatment interval?
According to each person's skin condition, the interval is at least half a year, usually 1-2 years. It is fine to do it at intervals of 5 years after maintenance.

7. Is there anything to pay attention to before making fractional rf?
The hyaluronic acid injection is recommended for treatment with fractional rf after 3-6.
It is recommended to heat Maggie after three to six months for fat filling.
After water light acupuncture, fractional rf treatment can be performed after two weeks.
fractional rf machine was performed two weeks after photon therapy.

8. Is there anything I need to pay attention to after making the fractional rf?
1) It is normal to have temporary redness and swelling after treatment. Be careful not to go to hot saunas, yoga, and other high-temperature environments within 1 week after the operation, and exposure to the sun is not recommended.
2) Keep your skin and hair clean and hygienic before surgery. Make-up is not allowed on the day of surgery. Traces of previous makeup should be removed as much as possible.
3) The operation will also be in full communication with your attending physician before the operation.
4) Do not wash your face with hot water within three days (water not exceeding body temperature is sufficient); pay attention to hydrating. It is recommended to apply the medical mask at least 3 times a week.
5) Avoid washing your face with hot water within one week after treatment, avoid hot springs, saunas, etc., strengthen moisturizing, and strengthen sun protection when you go out.
6) Don't drink alcohol or eat spicy food.
9Is it better not to do this project for acne?
It's just the opposite. Acne is very sensitive to heat, and fractional rf can speed up the treatment of acne. If there are still large pores, fractional rf has a good effect on shallow pores and dent scars.

9. Is it better not to do this project for acne?
It's just the opposite. Acne is very sensitive to heat, and a portable fractional rf machine can speed up the treatment of acne. If there are still large pores, a hot sale fractional rf machine has a good effect on shallow pores and dent scars.

10. Is the fractional rf machine's treatment head useless after using it once?
Yes, the fractional rf machine's treatment head is a one-time treatment, a single treatment.

11. Who can not do the fractional rf project?
1) Pregnant women are not allowed to do such projects;
2) If you have had facial injection micro-plastic surgery in the past six months before doing microneedle fractional rf, you should inform your doctor in advance to determine if you are suitable for microneedle fractional rf skin tightening;
3) Those with a pacemaker or other similar electronic devices implanted in the body;
4) There are fillers inside, such as gold wire implants on the face;
5) Patients with severe heart disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism;
6) Those whose surgical wounds have not healed;
7) Of course, you are not allowed to wear any metal decorations on your body when making fractional rf, and those who seek beauty should make sure that the face is clean before doing fractional rf.
There recommend you 1 desktop and 1 vertical one fractional rf machine.

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