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What is PMST?

What is PMST?

PMST stands for Physio Magneto Super Transduction, Introducing magnetic field pulses into the body can increase the charge within cells and speed up cell metabolism, thereby restoring energy for effective cell repair and tissue repair.

Clinical studies have shown that: Triggering electromagnetically guided biological effects at the cellular and tissue level promotes rapid growth of fibroblasts and collagen. At the same time, it increases angiogenesis and collagen formation, and promotes wound healing. Accelerates the elimination of swelling, restores normal blood flow, and allows damaged cells to recover faster. It can also accelerate the production of growth factors in tissue repair, balance cells, and reduce inflammatory responses.
PMST functions

What is the difference between PMST and PEMF?

  1. Under the physical characteristics of the magnetic field, the difference between the annular magnetic field and the non-annular magnetic fieldPMST-VS-PEMF
PEMF is a non-annular magnetic field. Its magnetic field focuses on the most central position of the magnetic ring. The magnetic field energy is relatively concentrated and concentrated at one point, so its treatment area is relatively small.

The PMST magnetic ring is a circular magnetic field, with more energy focus, the energy focus is on the ring wall of the inner ring, and there is a circle of energy focus. When used in the field of physiotherapy, it can be easily used on the elbows, knees, heels, shoulders and other joint parts of the human body to form a ring-shaped energy point for the treatment of the joint part. The treatment area is larger and more suitable for the field of physiotherapy.

  1. The difference between high frequency and low frequency under pulsed electromagnetic

PEMF, the frequency on the general market is between 50Hz and 150Hz. This pulse is relatively slow and will be relatively shallow. The main stimulation is the muscle layer, which allows the muscle to perform a high-intensity contraction, so as to achieve the purpose of muscle gain and fat loss.

PMST magnetic ring, fast pulses from 100KHz to 300KHz can be achieved in superconducting mode. at high frequency
The pulse can penetrate the muscle layer and fat layer to reach deeper tissue for treatment, which is more suitable for the field of physiotherapy.

  1. Difference between PMST & PEMF pulse waveforms
Difference between PMST & PEMF pulse waveforms
After the magnetic field pulse of PEMF enters the human body, it will quickly release energy, forming a very strong stimulation to the muscles, allowing the muscles to perform rapid contraction movements.

After the high-frequency damping oscillation (damping oscillation) pulse of the PMST magnetic ring is introduced into the human body, it can
The amount is from large to small, slowly released into the overall organization. It is characterized by deeper penetration and more favorable
Tissue recovery, bone healing.

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